Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rediscovering Juliana Hatfield

Juliana is my new rock hero. Like a lot of people I knew her mainly from the song "My Sister", which was a pretty catchy little tune that I could totally relate to, having a sister who I love but can kinda hate sometimes (Juliana, it turns out, doesn't really have a sister). About four years ago a friend of mine put a Juliana song called "Swan Song" on a CD mix she made for me, and I thought it was great, a little ditty 'bout Jack and Diane from Diane's perspective after a bad break-up ("Dear Jack, I hate you. Love, Diane"). I thought maybe I should look into more of her music, but never got around to it. Then a year ago I found a link to some unreleased songs and demos Juliana put up for fans to downloads. I decided to dowload them, and was complete blown away by her songwriting. That little girl voice can throw you at first, but she is seriously one of the most versatile and talented rock artists around. With her various projects and collaborations, she has an amazing eclectic body of work that never dissapoints.

(More on Juliana to come...)

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